“Your Ad-Q study offers more information, specifically the Recall Seeing and Reading by those who Specify the Product.”
- Research Director (B2B Publisher)
“I cannot say enough great things about Harvey AdQ. Their customer service is top notch. The team at Harvey helps you find the right questions to ask and suggest new ones that may get a little more information for the customer. Arlene walks the team through the results so you can share them with your customer (and gives advice on how to share good and bad feedback).  Each customer gets their own report, along with some leads (we ask if they want more information about a company), and finally, the advertisers get historical data about their advertising.”
- Editor/Publisher (Trade Association Magazine)
“Thank you for everything…I learn something new every time we do a study.”
- Editor/Publisher (Trade Association Magazine)
“Great news! They have booked a sizeable print contract with us!  Honestly, our survey capabilities with you had a BIG part to do with it!”
- Associate Director, Marketing Strategy & Insights (Ad Agency)
“I highly recommend Harvey Research for their seamless collaboration, making our job significantly easier.  Their expertise in designing effective questions has been invaluable, providing us w/ a powerful tool to enhance our first party data.  Their reasonably priced services and value add we receive make them an essential partner for our research needs.”
- CRO (B2C Digital Media Company with 15+ best-in-class brands across 6 categories)
“Our organization has partnered with Harvey Research since 2003.  We have provided customers with invaluable information that they’re not able to gather on their own.  Between four publications — we’ve been thrilled to pass-along verbatim comments about advertiser creative and the actions that readers take after reading an ad.  Offering lead generation is just another example of how Harvey Research works with publishers to bring added value to advertisers.”
- SVP, Publisher (B2B Media Company)
“Working with the team at Harvey Research has been a great experience. Your collaborative and consultative approach has resulted in successful studies for our clients.”
- SVP, Publisher (B2B Media Company)
“Your level of expertise and service has been exceptional this past year. We are in the planning stages for next year’s study.”
- Associate Publisher (International B2B Media Company)
“By the way, I’ve shared the studies in virtual meetings with 10 clients - they love the info.”
- Publisher (Trade Publication)
“This is easily the best survey we’ve ever done! A huge THANK YOU! This will make for our best media kit yet!”
- Sr. Marketing Director (B2B Publisher)
“Your highlights gave me SO much to talk about and the sales reps were really thrilled to see the responses. I also shared this with the editorial team. Thank you again!!”
- Executive Director, Marketing & Special Projects (National B2C Media Company)
“It was great talking to you today and thanks again for taking time to go through the results with our team.  I’m so excited about how positive the overall feedback was!  I can’t think of any other ad study company that’s taken the time to go over results with our sales team; I will certainly be recommending Harvey Research to our other associations. I really believe in the difference ad study data can make in retaining print advertisers and securing new ones.”
- Awareness Opportunities Senior Sales Leader (Rep Firm for Societies and Associations)
“Amazing. Thank you for being great partners!”
- Senior Director, Digital Strategy, Planning, Ad Ops (Tech Publication)
“Just one more reason why I love working with you both and Harvey!”
- Research Director (Leading global media and information services company)
“We always recommend your services to our association clients; you have been great to work with!”
- Senior Sales Manager (Association Rep Firm)
“Thank you so very much for your time and expertise today. It was tremendously helpful. Your partnership in our work is invaluable and I am so glad we have connected.”
- National Sales Director (B2B Media Company)
“I would add my thanks and appreciation to you and your team for the valuable information you provide to us. It is quite helpful and allows us to do our jobs with more insight.”
- Director of Sales & Marketing (International Association, producer of market-leading publications and trade shows)
“Thank you so much. Harvey Research is the absolute best!”
- Director, Business Development and Sales (Association)

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