Total Audience Study

In a world of rapidly expanding content channels, a Total Audience Study assists publishers in understanding and documenting how their audience uses and values each channel the brand offers and how they work together.  

These custom studies will document audience characteristics, informational habits, attitudes, content/design preferences, actions taken, etc., and examine where differences lie among key subsets to help fine-tune your messaging and offerings.

Our highly experienced staff custom designs and conducts studies that help define the unique assets of your audience, paving the way to increased engagement, expanded audiences, new advertisers and ad revenue. We’ve been working with publishers for decades, appreciating the challenges you face and providing solutions for growth and success in today’s environment.

It’s not so simple and there’s no substitute for professional research.

Total Audience Study

Visitor &
Usage Study

Who are your website visitors and what do they think? This program documents the demographic and professional profile of your visitors, their buying influence, actions taken, frequency of visitation, ease of navigation, ratings for sections on the site, overall quality / quantity of the information, features visitors would like to see added, comparison to competitive sites, how the site integrates with your overall brand, general satisfaction and more. Each survey is custom designed to meet your needs.


Assess your audience’s knowledge of your brand. What do they know and recognize, and what are they not aware of? Gauge their perceptions and levels of trust and loyalty. This rich feedback will help shape your business goals, your content strategy, and your marketing efforts. You’ll learn how your audience perceives your brand, what content they find most engaging, what they want more of and how satisfied they are.

Media Brand Preference

Gather key insights about your brand versus your competitors. Find out how your brand is perceived and where you may need to shift assets to be preferred by purchasing decision-makers and influencers. A Media Brand Preference study can help your organization assess strengths and weaknesses relative to the competition, creating an opportunity to differentiate yourselvelf and your positioning in the marketplace. These studies provide insights that support sales and marketing efforts and aid in driving ad revenue.

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Commissioning Harvey Research to custom design and conduct your research signifies credibility and impartiality.