Ad-Q Print or Digital Multi-Ad Study

An Ad•Q® study positions B2B and B2C publishers as marketing partners to advertisers. It offers ad readership scores, benchmarks, verbatim comments, editorial/audience data, competitive information and lead gen, all in a turnkey survey tool. Distinctively, Ad-Q measures ad recall by general audience and separately among readers with buying involvement by category.

Ad•Q® with BRAND LIFT compares awareness and purchase consideration for every advertiser prior to and after exposure in the publication. This pre/post method helps document ROI and shows the power of your publication.

Ad•Q® studies offer a variety of methodologies, content levels and report formats. Our flexibility gives publishers control over how they share information, making it a more effective sales tool than other surveys.

In addition to reports and lead generation, uniquely Harvey provides a personal presentation of the results and key takeaways for sales reps, all included.

Custom Single Advertiser Study

Designed to gauge effectiveness, the Single Advertiser Study takes a deep dive into an ad or ad campaign across one or more channels (print, website, e-newsletter, social, mobile, video, podcast, webinar, etc.), providing insights that advertisers use to fine tune campaigns and maximize their investment.  

We work closely with publishers, advertisers and agencies in designing custom surveys that cover recall, creative appeal, purchase intent, brand awareness, engagement, actions taken and verbatim comments. Clients appreciate the in-depth feedback and audience segmentation analysis Harvey’s post-campaign studies provide.

Agencies use our pre/post studies to gain insights prior to a launch, then monitor campaign success by measuring its effectiveness. Harvey studies enable agencies to prove campaign impact and win more business.

Reports, lead generation and a personal results presentation are always included.

Custom Multi-Ad Study

Harvey’s custom multi-ad readership and effectiveness study for print, digital or video focuses on qualitative verbatims that paint a crystal-clear picture of exactly what readers thought about an ad, product, company, even the competition. This study offers the customization of every question, chart and graph. It provides lead gen for advertisers and feedback on expanded metrics, essential in gaining a comprehensive understanding of ad effectiveness.

Custom Sponsorship Study

Selling Podcast, Webinar or Event sponsorships just got a little easier.
A Harvey study can be packaged as part of a sponsorship agreement…an incentive to close the deal. The study will provide valuable feedback for clients, generate leads and help substantiate that their sponsorship investment paid off.

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