Custom Editorial and
Content Marketing Research

Harvey Research applies its vast experience in evaluating editorial and brand messaging. The result is an independent, third-party perspective of the content’s engagement and effectiveness.

Content Marketing Study

Well-crafted content marketing can engage its audience with a message that oftentimes is more effective than traditional advertising when the story fits in seamlessly with the user’s experience. Each project is custom designed to measure the impact of the content on the target audience (including awareness and actions taken after seeing the content) and how well the content supports and enhances perceptions of a brand.

Editorial Content Study

Utilize our custom research to provide content creators with feedback on the topics and sections your target audience is most / least interested in, what they would like to see more / less of, enhancements they would want, how they interact with your brand across channels, and new ideas you may want to explore.

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Optimize the effectiveness of your content across media channels.